manoir pratulo (3)Pratulo is one of the oldest and largest castle in the region. Its name comes from the Breton “ Prat Thélo em>” Prairie Saint Thélo in memory of the monk who came from England to the 6th century to evangelize Britain. His memory is perpetuated to this day by the troménie and the windows of the heart of the Church of Landeleau representative on a deer.

Pratulo was built in 1420 by a cadet of the house of Douglas, a close relative of the king of Scotland at the time, a Stuart. Sent an army of 7,000 men to the aid of Charles VII, very bad point against the English (the time of Joan of Arc). This young man showed a very good General since won several battles for the King of France. It to thank the appointed Duke of Touraine. During his many travels, including Britain, he met the lady Pratulo, fell in love, married and remained there the rest of his life.

And it is to commemorate the memory of what Scottish prince of the royal house of Stuart, came to the rescue of the king of France, the mill located 400 meters from the castle (on Alder) still bears his name. Indeed, the green mill is the diminutive of the Breton name “Mael Douglas” Douglas Mill has over the centuries Mael Glas, in French: green mill.

The pigeon, the ramparts with towers with loopholes surrounding six acres of gardens at the French. The bridge is 53 meters on the Alder and the dam would also be his work.

Douglas made ​​Pratulo strain, but in 1650, their descendants had an only daughter who married the Marquis de Muzillac.

The family turned Muzillac Pratulo, so 18 th sup>, including enlarging windows, whereas previously it was only small mullioned windows.

Being childless, the Muzillac sold the property in 1806 to Jégou Laz family whose descendants still live there.

Count Jégou the Laz, the memory of the canal house in Pont-Triffen we recall, did much for the region. He bought two barges in particular to raise the calcareous sand of the bay of Brest, which helped introduce the rotation tréénal and make this region a rich farming region.

In 1906, Count Adolf of Laz, an offspring of 10 children, built a castle that burned in 1946. A saying said that Pratulo and Trévarez (Chateauneuf du Faou) would be destroyed during a revolution, which unfortunately happened. The family returned to this house, 600 years old, with huge restoration work since 40 years, Pratulo was abandoned and became a farm building.

In 1965, due to the damage caused by many walkers, the family of Laz decided to create a campground that is still existing today, which led to the restoration of the property.

Since 1992, the current owners continue catering to revive this beautiful old home.

Like his father and his ancestors, they want more than anything to maintain this ancient heritage of several centuries.

Pratulo remain a beautiful old family story … and love.